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Chick-fil-A cow at park with kids playing in background


How Can We Help?

Hot Springs Chick-fil-A is locally owned and operated. We love to give back by investing in our community. If you are requesting a donation, follow the instructions below. Please note that we receive numerous requests each month, so donation requests are not guaranteed.

Donation/Partnership Requests

At Chick-fil-A we believe that we are MORE than a restaurant. Each restaurant is individually owned and operated giving each restaurant an opportunity to give back to the community.


Below are minimum requirements in order to be considered for a donation/partnership. Please review them, then click the Donation Request Form link below to submit your request.

Minimum Requirements:

  1. Actively supports enriching the community in a positive way.

  2. No monetary donation request (gift cards, money, check, etc...)

  3. Supports an opportunity to leverage our 4 most important assets (Cow, People, Influence, and Food)

  4. Two weeks advanced notice required.  

  5. Your organization name and contact information along with your specific request details

  6. Spirit Nights are designed for organizations of 75 or more.

Please note all requests will be reviewed in 7-10 business days.

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